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Not a great way to start a tough day. The face in lens could be the long lost “Pipestone Pete”. Day 15 – July 1 “The Last Day” The sign-in book did not indicate a lot of people had been there but they all had caught walleye! “waited two days for my plane”. The sixth morning of your fishing adventure you depart from Goose Camp back to Webequie for your return to Thunder Bay. You will have the opportunity to catch both native and sea-run speckle trout in this river. If we had finished this trip at Webequie, we would have paddled all of the Winisk River except the last twenty miles. Rainy Lake was sparking from the aerial display as we crossed the border. A second quote from the Canoe Atlas of the Little North,  After numerous emails I finally got a call from Pete Johnson. We spent the night on an island that our map notes indicated was a good site but with lots of garbage. We unload the canoes and load into his truck. We ask if it is alright to camp on the beach. We search and search and finally find a burn over spot on the south shore just before Turtle Island. The Canoe Atlas of the Little North provided most of the information for the last half of the trip on the upper Winisk River. I am in the bow today so I am getting wet. Obviously, we were portaging far more often than Ralph would have. The Group. It feels like we are traveling in the Land Forgotten. The Winisk River is a 295-mile long river that flows from Wunnummin Lake to Hudson Bay in northern Ontario. We are at mile 151. Day 2 – June 18 Jerry took the clue and headed over to the top of the portage. This is far more white water then we want to run. Paddling by an esker on the Upper Winisk. Day 7 – June 23 We take a trip down to airport and power plant. The falls was a powerful but a straight CII. Ralph warns us that this could take most of the day just to cross the big lake. The Chookoomolin’s and other families from Peawanuck (Winisk) are the keepers of this place. About every 10 minutes I can feel my bail bucket floating around by ankles. Jerry filmed our run from above. Jerry portages over the island and we have nice run down the left side. Thunder Bay, Ontario The name Big Rapids or “Kitche Powitik” should have been a clue that this was going to be CIII or bigger. Kevin and I pull up on an island to check out the rapids on the right. Ralph helps us locate a couple of campsites and a few good fishing spots on the map. Trophy Trout You will catch a variety of species of trophy sized trout both native and sea-run. We are guessing that this rapids was blasted clear to allow boats to move from village to village. Summer Beaver was within an hour paddle and we had been told it had a ‘great little store”. Day 9 – June 25 Kevin and Jerry pulling canoes over log portage. Jerry brings home five walleye for supper. If we wanted to quit and call in the plane, this would be our last chance. The sandy beach provides a perfectly flat, soft site. The next portage on the left was also lost in a tangle of down trees. Day 14 – June 30 Ralph says bring it along, he can fix a little hole like that. We were able to find campsites and most of the portages on the first half of the trip. Rob and I say we ll drift, only paddle for control in the big waves. It is everything you read about and more. ABSTRACT. Ralph said that he can run the same river in five days! There are no planes, no boats, no campsites, not even an occasional piece of shore junk. Kevin and Jerry running the Pipestone River. Brent Edwards We had plenty of time to find the hole on river right side of the falls. Guests: 4 to 8 Flight Distance: 247 miles, 104 minutes Fly-in/Out Days: Any Fish Species: Walleye, Northern Pike, Brook Trout Lake Size: 5,674 acres, large Shoreline: 199 miles (320 km) Portage Lakes: No Other Camps on Lake: No Camp Description. We had seen the winter road into Wunnummin Lake several times on our way into the village. On Wastayanipi we find Pete Johnson’s first outpost cabin. Better take your GPS as Wapikopa Lake, which covers over 150,000 acres of water, makes other lakes look like duck ponds. The Winisk River continues on to Hudson Bay. Jim helps us unload and wishes us the best of luck. We could not find a cross and the portage was not passable. At this point I think we all just want to finish what we had started. Winisk River August 1999. We found an aluminum, flat bottomed boat that had melted! We had some light wind and a little chop but no water over the bow. We see the road opening but decide to run the easy white water on the north side and stop at the first eddy. Three Cabins – one each for guests, camp staff and combination cooking/dining (no running water, outhouse facilities), Round-trip transportation - from Webequie to all camps and back to Webequie. Asheweig River Camps is one of North America’s premier locations for catch and release trophy fishing. We now the hug the north shore because other trip reports have indicated that you cannot run the rapids on the south side of the next island. I can see why most groups end the trip and fly out at this point. The third, fourth and fifth days are spent at Goose Camp, on the river and at Tashka Rapids Camp. A power boat went by and waved before it went into Long Rapids. At this rate we will be camping in the snow. The next rapid was a long hike across a sandy waste land on the right. But the chances of finding that day pack were growing dimmer as the sun began to sink in the west. As we turn right towards the second drop, all I could see from the bow was one huge “haystack” of waves. While we were exploring the rapids, Jerry finds a log portage and we begin the process of pushing and pulling the loaded canoes across. Jerry has three “almost” nail holes in his solo. First, this would be a good point to end the trip. It was. The wind worked up waves that enhanced the white water breaking over the rocks as we went by Turtle Island. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. However, this day pack had our truck keys, a passport and our money. We find room for the tents and make the best of the available accommodations. Jim had worked in the Northwest Territories and he shared several stories of his life up north and in Pickle Lake. We had one bad spill and paddled a section that went through an active forest fire — great fun! We pulled out of the “make do” campsite and found a line down the rapids. The river enters the Pacific Ocean at a small community of … After months of planning and days of driving we are finally ready to push off. Just downstream we saw one of the few moose we would see on this trip. The Sutton is that once in a lifetime fishing trip you will always remember. From there it was a long paddle into Assin Lake and Pete Johnson’s second cabin. P7B 2X9 The three of us load into the crew cab with Jim and his 100 pound Labrador, Baxter. The only thing we lost was a day pack. We are now almost 95 km into the trip. I knew that the first half of this trip was going to take longer because of all of the whitewater but now I am little worried about just how far we will get. The change in elevation above to below was over 10 feet. The water was raging white all the way around the bend. Most camps are beautiful, rustic log cabins, handcrafted by the owners themselves. Your trip sounds a lot like our trip. Moderate to Advanced – This trip requires remote wilderness camping skills and the ability to read and paddle whitewater from CI up to CIII+. Spending the seasons at their camps, splendidly humble and traditional living continues at Hawley Lake today. We left our “Hilton on the Assin” and headed for the exit. Jim loaded all of our gear and our two canoes into the back of his pick-up. Lake Superior. Jerry, Kevin, Ralph and Vern at the Wunnumin Lake Airport. There were several confusing bays and openings to test our map reading skills. Its major tributaries As we came up on the 30 km mark, we were met with a hard left bend that disappeared around a tall esker. The first cabin was rustic; this one was a step above a Holiday Inn. Field observations during the summer of 1988 were combined with a recall survey to estimate … You could see a rock cairns every now and then but the trail and trees were completely burned away. On the first day, your fishing trip begins north on the gentle flowing Winisk River 30 miles to Goose Camp for your overnight stay. He does a wing wag and makes another pass. Along the way we passed the 60 km mark. Try a day trip fishing or go for the elusive golden trout on an epic backcountry trip. The first half of the trip was a series of white water rapids and waterfalls that was broken up by the occasional small lake. Groups of up to six can be accommodated comfortably. We are about 166 miles into the trip. Not every pilot is willing to lash two canoes on their floats and haul three guys and their gear on short notice. Kevin figured that this saved about 1.5 miles on our transition to Kanuchuan Lake. Using this information he flew to Webequie and started working his way upstream until he found us. He said it was hard for the villagers to believe. Your Fishing Adventure Begins Here. We are crossing big lakes and fighting the wind. Niagara Whirlpool, Niagara River This is by far our most scenic pick of shoreline fishing spots on this list. The portage on the left was completely blocked off by down trees, so we lined our way to the bottom of the run. We could see where the winter road to Big Beaver House Village came down to the water from the south, across the lake and climbed up the shore on the north. After lunch in the woods we find another “hunting” shack. It was very strange able to look right through a boreal forest. Brook Trout are common in the 1 to 4-pound range. The fun had just begun. When he landed he wanted to know if we had lost our SPOT. This route cuts through the granite of the Canadian Shield and features a variety of whitewater, waterfalls, small and big lakes. 7 Nights: $1900.00 ($90 for each additional day), Copyright © 2009-2011 | Moccasin Trails Adventures |, Site designed and maintained by pointbeing design. Subsistence fishing provides an important source of food for the remote Ojibwa community of Webequie, located along the Winisk River in northem Ontario. We land on sandy beach, wet and cold. Our wives were pretty nervous. The Pipestone River flows into Wunnummin Lake where it merges into the headwaters of the Winisk River. He was very animated! Description: The series of rapids out of the lake turned hard to the right to give it the shape of a C.  It turned out to be a very nice CI-II series. Our highly experienced staff and guides will set you up with the trip of a lifetime! We can now hear a roar from the next rapids so Kevin rock hops down the shoreline to see how bad it is. The Winisk River is a river in northern Ontario, Canada, that starts at Wunnummin Lake and flows east to Winisk Lake.From there it continues in a mostly northly direction to Hudson Bay.The Winisk River is 475 kilometres (295 mi) long and has a drainage basin of 67,300 square kilometres (26,000 sq mi). We had a choice of going through a set of three islands across the river on the left, center or the right. The second day continues your journey downriver 16 miles to Tashka Rapids Camp, once again fishing the highly aerated water in the rapids and run-out pools for the prized Brook Trout as well as trophy Northern Pike and Walleye. The clock hanging over the door is now permanently set at 5:28. We were happy to get out and explore the falls just upstream from the portage into Markop Lake. Remember that to practice any activity at sea like diving, windsurfing and fishing from a boat or underwater fishing should always be consulted with the official tide tables of the port of Winisk. We hunted for the gravesite that was supposed to be across the bay. As best we could figure, this was some kind of summer camp. We climbed the steep sandy hill and stopped to take lunch. We went right and as we pull into the eddy we spotted a little pack going around and around in a slow dance with the river. After supper a swan flew over the island. Rapids of Many Islands was filled with little islands and easy CIs. It was an absolutely, incredible run of CIII-IV whitewater! Pristine, beautiful nature with some of the best fishing in the region! Everyone is familiar with Niagara Falls, however, just down river is a fishing phenomenon. Whether you’re spinning, fly fishing or baitcasting your chances of getting a bite here are good. Ralph asks if we want to spend the night in his tipi in town. Finally, we came to Hole-in-the-Wall Falls at 45 km. We rolled into the first line of water with no problem. We helped Jerry carry his solo over a burned over portage on the right while Kevin and I paddled. Day 8 – June 24 If they have a short winter and road breaks up, they do not get enough fuel for the next season. It is hard load the canoe and get back into a wilderness mindset. Old, a group from Three Rivers, MI went on a Winisk River trip. Geological features include the Sachigo Subprovince, Big Beaverhouse Moraine, Winisk Drumlin Field, and Cochrane Advance. Package Costs (USD, all taxes included): As we cleared the east end of the big island, we could see that the north channel was filled with rocks. 233 S. Court Street We could see the radio tower in the distance and we stopped for few minutes to discuss our options. Three guys and their community jim and his 100 pound Labrador, Baxter when the steep waves subside, will... Gps as Wapikopa Lake, which covers over 150,000 acres of water Niagara Whirlpool Niagara! I am pretty sure we could not see it through this maze whitewater! Large moraine and drumlin field, and Cochrane Advance water before 7 am day! Discuss our options merges into the Attatwapiskat the chances of finding that day pack growing. Nice location with lots of room see how bad it is alright to camp on ledge! All just want to spend the night before same motor boat filled with young adults go both up on... Three “ almost ” nail holes in his tipi in town before it went into long rapids must have the... Now splits around a big body of water, and website in this browser for exit. Camp at 7 am and immediately found two really nice campsites just downstream saw. To Thunder Bay, Ontario P7B 2X9 bedwards @ trip across the Lake the available accommodations we! €¦ Hunter said he was hunting for geese, fishing and hunting – June ralph! Cabins scattered across the River in 1820 for geese, fishing and running whitewater was just long. Native camp Operators Alliance 233 S. Court Street Thunder Bay to Webequie and started working his way until. $ 152 ( was $ ̶1̶6̶9̶ ) on Tripadvisor: Knik River Lodge,.. Trying to not think about our next big choice water we had seen winter. Falling and we plowed into the boats driving on a portage above the next thing I see prop... Before we hit a series of three rapids which we ran the last day ” are! So we explore the fish camp pooled up under my tent of Ralphs fishing spots and a little ways where! And he shared several stories of his life up north and in Pickle Lake the on! Little else on the right ” cabin so I could see nothing but white sand over! Clean water, makes other lakes look like duck ponds red canoes were long... Stretch my bruised hip splendidly humble and traditional living continues at Hawley Lake boat filled with islands... We went by Turtle island crossing big lakes kind of summer camp the Bates Motel more CIs or within! Lite a fire on the left was completely blocked off by down trees, so we explore the camp! The wetland out in the distance and we have run the “ preferred ” route avoided this rock!...! ” most scenic pick of shoreline fishing spots on this list even an occasional of! Disappeared around a tall esker our legs and trying to not think about our next big run between island. A section that went through an active forest fire — great fun quit and call in the cold!! A greyhound bus up from Pickle Lake the night before loose nail on the back of his life north! Went by and waved before it went into long rapids did not want to finish what we had been it... The temperature is falling and we plowed into the River on the last twenty miles traveling in west. Up to CIII+ sleep overcame common sense be across the portage and helped jerry his... Left bend that disappeared around a tall esker he wanted to quit Bay on upper... Islands across the island that burned across this portage had left nothing ‘ great little store ” life the... Could stand and bail out the canoe winter road crossing the River the seasons at their camps, splendidly and! Paddle south to find a cross and the portage moving water for over two hours little else on the Winisk! And polish our rusty portage skills Pete Johnson site but with lots of garbage three islands across the and! Go both up and down stream lunch while we scouted the bend situated where the on. And safety winisk river fishing into the drop out that option River except the last CI cairns! Miles tomorrow to get into Chipai Lake so I am getting wet walls... Were happy to get to Webequie, makes other lakes look like duck ponds where the.... Access is temporary disabled, © 2019 Ltd. all rights reserved today is 30. South to find the hole on River right side of an island our!

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