Accommodating Wedding Guests – Things To Look For

Wedding is not a small thing and wedding arrangements are not easy. There will be enough things to keep you occupied in the event for more than one day. So, planning for that day is not the only option, rather planning must be done for each and everything. From the dress to the cake, from transportation to decide the place to accommodate your guests, everything must be planned.

Need of an accommodating place

It is possibly the very first question that if an accommodating place is needed at all. Your guests from the locality or from a nearby area will arrive during the ceremony and will also get back. There is no need of arranging for an accommodating place for them. It is needed for the relatives who are going to be there for a few days and for the out of town people who will arrive only for the wedding. If you are hosting a number of out of town people, accommodation for them must be prioritised. If you manage to book a venue with banquet hall and also hotel rooms, you do not need to worry. Otherwise, booking hotel rooms is necessary.


Remember, they are coming for your wedding and not on a trip to the city and hence getting hotels near your wedding venue or your locality is best. Near doesn’t always mean that it must be within walking distance. But the closer it is, it will be better for guests. Always try to book hotels in areas having good transportation. You may arrange for transportation for guests to arrive at the venue. This is better as they would not have to drive or book a cab. Also, there are small wedding venues Batesford that can also help with accommodating your guests.

A visit:

This may be a virtual one or a physical one. Be sure to ask yourself if you are comfortable in such a place or not. Carefully check the pictures to get a clear idea. A direct visit will make things more clear.

Number and Size:

Before you book rooms, know how many of them you need. It will depend on how many people are arriving. And if there are families, know their how big is the family. It will help you to decide how large and how many rooms you will need.