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This is the area in which we excel. Our expertly designed and installed corner glass features are a fantastic way to achieve this. This is all achieved without the loss of visual quality; the addition of glass beams can provide support while reducing the visual impact of the framework, and add an unforgettable quality to your property. Glass curtain walls are most commonly installed by local commercial window installers on non-residential buildings, but you can also install them in your home. Have a project in mind? They flood interior spaces with daylight, and offer a wide variety of other visual and practical applications. We designed this range with Cantifix customers in mind, as we know how best to suit the needs of our clients. During assembly it acts as a sliding guide and load distributor, allowing balancing in all conditions. We analyzed a glass flooring system made up of 3 lites of glass (3/8” Top layer with PVB interlayer, ½â€ middle layer with PVB and 1/2” bottom layer). The most minimal façade system has framing sightlines of 35mm on the face. We created this innovative installation to meet the needs of one specific client, and this corner glass design proved so effective we’ve made it available for all of our customers to enjoy. Invisiwall Structural Glass Walls offer stunning visual clarity for panoramic views while incorporating protection and structural stability. Unit 22 It is made of melamine-faced chipboard panels on both sides with melamine paper, perimetrically finished with ABS edges, sp = 10/10 mm. With a focus on transparency, safety and innovation, our success is the result of providing top-quality, design-flexibility and outstanding service at competitive pricing. An ideal solution for larger, or more extensive projects, a framed glass wall offers additional structural integrity - frames can provide support for larger panes of glass, enabling our clients to realise their vision, no matter how grand. Ecologically and economically beneficial, Cantifix glass walls reconnect you with the natural world in luxurious style. We have a number of structural glass installations available to view at our architectural glazing showroom in Amersham.Here you will be able to see the interface of structural glazing with the floor, showing a hidden fixing detail as … Irving Way Have a project in mind? All of our fire-rated glass solutions can be fully integrated with any scheme or design. is a separate but specialist company bringing the expertise and many years of experience that Structural Glass Solutions Limited has gained on commercial, leisure and listed buildings to the residential and domestic market.. The transparent partition allows light to filter through, which then also becomes a design, design and furnishing element. Cantifix glass doors and windows offer customers the chance to realise their visions and designs, with no compromise. If you haven't found what you are looking for, why not try one of the following? Residential; Huddersfield, Yorkshire Sensational glass extension to this residential properety in yorkshire. The slabs are aligned flush on the outer edges, without visible containment profiles or adhesives. Structural Glass Walls: Process, Design, and Engineering Options. The INWALL structural glass wall is characterised by solidity and stability and ensures excellent acoustic qualities. References We spend so much of our modern lives indoors, it can be difficult to get the sunlight we need. We install only the highest-quality products - from fire-resistant glass walls to internal glazed fire doors, and you never have to compromise on beauty, luxury or visual elegance as a result. Impact resistance test on INWALL glass partition walls by means of an automatically operated pneumatic piston on which a 1m bar is installed. eMail* We want you to be able to enjoy your property or home at its very finest. “The capacity of non-structural elements, including any structural elements that support and connect them, to each other and to the main structure, must be greater than the seismic demand corresponding to each of the limit states to be considered. The effects can be astonishing. Some clients prefer the seamless elegance of a frameless glass wall, but for others, framed options can offer a unique aesthetic to a property. At Garibaldi Glass we have partnered with “Nupress Facades” to bring the customer First Class Engineering in Structural Glass Wall and Point Supported Systems. It is a coextruded connection with a patented stabilising function, which is inserted under pressure in the special recess in the INWALL sheet, glass or panel: it is the expansion generated by this coupling that makes the bond between the connector itself and the slab stable. Brescia / Italy Structural glazing systems, in their simplest form, are types of curtain wall systems consisting of glass that is bonded or anchored back to a structure without the use of continuously gasketed aluminum pressure […] Cantifix take pride in offering our customers almost limitless possibility for their projects and properties. These doors can be used for residential and commercial applications, interior and exterior spaces, and … The glazed modules consist of two pairs of stratified safety slabs in standard thickness 6.6, with high noise reduction. The Austvision engineering Sky-Frame doors compliment the extensive use of Structural glass to provide a real architectural centre piece to the property. Whatever your vision or requirements, we will work with you to incorporate one of our stunning frameless walls into your design, or property. Ask our Structural Glazing experts about our commercial and residential … As one of only two UK companies privileged to hold preferred Sky Frame partner status, we proudly invite you to explore how Sky-Frame could transform your property, and turn your home into a horizon. The spring pusher integrated in the upper profile allows a finer adjustment to the top profiles during assembly. The unassuming, continuous and organic effect of Pureglaze means the potential for its use in any property is almost limitless. INWALL, with its requirements of high seismic resistance, is the most effective system that combines architectural design and maximum compliance with the Technical Standards for Construction. Whatever the nature of the project, we never want our clients to have any concerns about the security or safety of their solution. The bi-fold wall would be located on the third story, which is designed as a high-class bar and lounge area with grand views of the city. These box sections vary in depth depending on the height of the elevation and the wind load of the project. This In-Depth Research with detailed trend Analysis, growth outlook & forecast will help you get that information INWALL blends the design and taste of Made in Italy with the important anti-seismic performance, making the VetroIn glass partition wall safe and reliable. Contact us to discuss how to make a Urban.By.Cantifix a part of your design. Contact us to discuss how to make a Pureglaze solution a part of your design. The observer’s gaze goes beyond the glass and captures every element that contributes to defining the style of the work environment. Our innovative glass wall systems combine exceptional beauty with structural integrity, creating a look of luxury at an affordable price! Whether this is due to strict fire regulations, or just for peace of mind, we will work with you to help you understand your options. We know how important freedom in design is to our clients, but at times things like fire-regulations can create potential hurdles. We have furnished structural glass systems for retail, hospitality, government, institutional, healthcare and residential projects. In this paper we will look at the potential of what is now a commonly used component in facade design - a load-bearing glass wall panel. It boosts wellbeing, productivity and cognition, and has been shown to reduce stress. SY1 3SY +44 (0) 1743 461122. offers a steel frame design with a precision that will transform your property. A  glass wall is a fantastic addition to a home or property to experience the benefits of daylight. Subsequently, it acts as a shock absorber with respect to structural settlements and seismic stresses having a possibility of travel. The glazed modules consist of a stratified safety slab in a standard thickness of 6.6 mm, with high noise reduction. To be certain you have the flexibility to achieve the look and feel of the design intent, a comprehensive range of powder coated finishes are available. Our frameless glass walls take this one step further; the glass in our installations seems to go on forever, becoming a seamless and harmonious part of your property. INWALL is the solution that combines safety and design. The impact of this framing is astonishingly effective; it turns your home into a gallery, with every view a painting. From the solution and design process to the end product fabrication, Garibaldi Glass and … The term ‘structural glass’ is a wide-reaching product term used to describe a frameless glass assembly where the glass is taking an element of the structural load. The first one guarantees the structural hold and the micrometric regulation, while the second one absorbs the structural settlements of the building and the stresses in the seismic phase. Have a project in mind? It is a structural PVC transparent seal that is inserted between the slabs disappearing between the glass. The design of a structural glass wall is a methodical process, centered on matching the conceptual design as closely as possible, and then expanding to consider options … Of course with a façade system you will also have to consider the size of the ‘box’ behind the glass which gives it its strength. Structural glass wall systems (11) Structural glazing is an assembly of frameless glass components as a vertical or near vertical (slope of less than 15° from vertical) non loadbearing building façade. Contact us to discuss how to make a Cantifix glass door or window a part of your design. There are three basic methods of support: suspended, point-fixed and stacked. Structural Glass Flooring Projects: Kenas Road North Wales, PA 19454. Turn your room into a view with a Cantifix fixed frameless wall. The phrase ‘Swiss engineering’ is synonymous with prestige in the world of design. Once we have set the framework within the triple glazed pane, we paint a subtle and stylish ceramic band around the panel, concealing the frame. News Structural Glass sources, procures, markets and installs frameless glass applications throughout the Western Cape. We offer a variety of frameless glass options, but none are quite as exceptional as this elegant product. A wide variety of residential structural glass options are available to you, such as acid etched glass, decorative glass, and bulletproof glass. We will review glass walls in the context of projects since 1998, influences and incremental steps they introduced to the understanding of the structural behaviour especially glass elements loaded in plane. Contact us to discuss how to make Sky-Frame Classic a part of your design. The anti-seismic wall in VetroIn structural glass combines the excellent results achieved by the stratified structural glass with an innovative mechanical system of structural fixing and constant compensation, which reasons in terms of adaptability in the installation phase and of high performance in anti-seismic field. Have a project in mind? Contact us to discuss how to make an invisible glass corner a part of your design. Seeing is believing, and you’ll never see clearer than with Sky-frame Classic. A glass wall is a fantastic addition to a home or property to experience the benefits of daylight. Every single window and door we install is unique, whether it's a large glass pivot door, or a simple hinged panel; we design, detail and manufacture our custom glass doors and windows with one thing in mind: you. It’s unforgettable and elegant, and has an almost illusionary quality. Structural glass walls | Structural anti-seismic glass walls Thirty-eight tests on a vibrating table at the lLboratory of the Department of Structures for Engineering and Architecture of the Federico II University. The Austvsion TM point supported glass wall systems have been successfully used for 30 years for structural glass facades backed by ISO 9002 quality and Austfix engineering. As an example the slim façade system fr… The doors are framed with aluminium profiles that can be harmonised with the materials, which can accommodate a built-in door closer in the upper part and an acoustic guillotine in the lower part. Contact us to discuss how to make a frameless glass wall a part of your design. The structural load that the glass is designed to take will depend on the location and purpose of the glass element. Available as a sliding or pivot door, and even a window within a window, we go to great lengths to ensure that the glass panel design of our Pureglaze products offer seamless luxury to any home. Telephone number Glass curtain walls are thinner in size and are formed by the framework, which is usually made of aluminum. Have a project in mind? Cantifix customers, both architects or homeowners, never have to build around our products; we construct our windows and doors around your home, or current designs. Installers must carefully integrate glass curtain walls with adjacent structural elements like roofs and wall claddings. Glass curtain wall overview. Glass Wall Systems exude spatial efficiency, comfort and flexibility while creating a balance between aesthetics and function. Full-height or cantilevered fins help brace the system and transfer loads to the structure by supporting the vertical glass. It engages in the special groove of the slab, guaranteeing a lasting seal without the need for adhesives. In several cases the results were clearly superior to the standard, obtaining, as in the case of the test carried out on double glass with doors, values up to RW=46 dB. There are various types of glass curtain wall systems, including the Stick System, Unit Panel System, Unit and Mullion System, and Column Cover, Spandrel System, and Point Loaded Structural Glazing System. These stunning glazing options frame your view of the outside, and turn each panel into an ever-changing painting. The structural glass wall defines the spaces combining the atmospheres and expanding the environment. Production Fill out this form, we will send you the requested material directly to your inbox. Name & Surname* Contact us to discuss how to make a Cantifix frameless glass wall a part of your design. Structural glass wall with a garden/sea view Using glass panels will allow you to turn your old house into a contemporary building that will stand out. Structural Glass Solutions Ltd, Unit 9-10, Harlescott Barns, March Way, Shrewsbury. We have four primary structural glass systems: Finwall ® is comprised of facade glass panels and vertical glass mullions designed to resist wind load and seismic forces. The INWALL structural glass wall is based on innovative patented systems that combine the style of the architectural feature with the rigour of engineering planning. The INWALL doors are part integrated in the system, developed at full height. These walls are available as both prefabricated kits and customized pieces. Natural light makes us feel better. Structural Glass Solutions Limited. Contacts. Anchor-Ventana's Glass Wall Systems create smooth transitions with comfort and flexibility for your space, while exuding spatial efficiency, comfort and flexibility and creating a … We can help you overcome these. London See more ideas about glass wall, glass, glass facades. The result is a corner of pure, crystal-clear glass. INWALL is the answer to the increasing level of safety requirements for buildings and for the non-structural elements that compose them: an elegant and technologically advanced partition. offers 1,705 residential structural glass products. Have a project in mind? Whatever your home or space situation, our glass walls can be adapted for your individual needs. Safety regulations are becoming increasingly stringent in the design field. The structural potential of glass is seldom appreciated: glass walls, doors, floors, roofs, staircases, conservatories and decorative panels can all be designed with their own structural integrity using only minimal secondary framework. Where glass roofs are meeting a vertical section, such as a structural glass wall, glass fins can be used vertically to support the glass beams on the outer edge of the space to further extend the fully glazed appearance. Get an extensive Structural Glass Wall System Analysis of the dominant vendors, their latest products and services, and the competitive landscape of the industry. Ion Glass installs specialist Structural Glass Linkways creating Frameless Glass Corridors, Structural Glass Beams, Fins, Integral Frameless Glass Doors and Secure Locking Systems with concealed or minimalist ironmonery. For the most minimal façade system you would be looking at using an aluminium frame. Apart from using a glass panel for walls, there are plenty of unique glass roof ideas that can be implemented in your house. One simple but elegant feature sets our Pureglaze range apart - the framework is contained within the glass itself. Contact us to discuss how to make a glass wall solution a part of your design. Safety is always at the top of our list. The results expressed excellent performance, both for continuous walls and for those with doors. Have a project in mind? With minimal detailing, and free from obstructive framework, our structural glass walls invite the natural world into your home, while still providing all the security, comfort and safety you need. INWALL is a unique wall system in terms of design, precision and anti-seismic safety that presents itself as an icon of the evolution of glazed partitions. Running for all the height of the elements, it ensures sealing and coplanarity. The absence of the gluing element, replaced by a patented proprietary fixing, allows the glass to be flush with the outside. For each model, the company offers sliding and hinged doors, with single and double doors, with handles featuring an exclusive VetroIn design. Company STRUCTURAL GLASS WALL DHD International is proud to offer the “Austvision point supported structural glass wall system by Metro Frameless Glass”. Stability and durability are guaranteed by innovative interlocking connections and invisible mechanisms, such as the leveller and the compensator. P.iva: 02774580985, Who we are Aug 9, 2019 - Explore Hyun Tak's board "Material_Structural Glass Wall", followed by 424 people on Pinterest. This is one of the only systems in the world to offer fully certified window and door systems in four different metals; Galvanised Steel, Stainless Steel, Corten Steel and Architectural Bronze. Allows a mechanical seal without the use of adhesive.

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