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The original asking price was $350,000, but Rick made a play for them at $250,000 and a deal was done. "(History/ Copyright 2013), "Pawn Stars" cast member Rick Harrison poses in Gold and Silver Pawn. The Robosaurus is a 40-foot tall robotic Tyrannosaurus Rex robot that can breathe fire and crush vehicles using his robotic hands. It is not often that an actual Super Bowl championship ring makes it into the shop so Rick was giddy with excitement over the ring when he saw it. A deal was never struck and the coin left with John. He dropped it down to $2.5 million, but a deal never happened and Rick had to walk away empty handed. That was the case when a copy of the 1546 "De Natura Fossilium" showed up on the counter one episode. Beckman then proceeded to sell its contents to Gold and Silver Pawn for $9,550 on three separate visits to the store—the first of which took place on Nov. 18, a rep for the store told us. All rights reserved. Pawn Stars - In the Old Man We Trust - Silver Coin. It does not get much better than that. The 1915 Panama Pacific Octagonal Gold Coin was a rare one that he traveled to Florida's biggest coin show just to find it. The shop is known for taking on big risks and -- hopefully -- pulling in big rewards. It is like having Babe Ruth's grandson bring in a signed rookie card of him. 1) Call the pawn shop first It is important that you call your local pawn shop to find out if they buy or give short term loans for coins. Most people inherit land, businesses, or family heirlooms like old paintings or a collection of baseball cards. A one-stop shop for all things video games. 1715 Special Spanish Fleet Gold Coin. The only issue was a giant silver bar that might have been filled with other metals so Rick had to test it, which was cool to see how that was done, and found out it was the real deal. After he left, the negotiating began with the seller looking for $90,000 but Rick offered $85,000 and eventually struck a deal. Over time, it became virtually impossible to shoot the show inside the pawn … A coin expert told Rick and the seller that When the owner brought it into the shop, he knew it had a ton of value, but was blown away when the guitar expert revealed his numbers of $750,000 to $1,000,000. So it is Polish but not in a sense that it came from Poland but rather had ties to Poland thanks to Russia owning it and creating this beautiful piece that is as close to Faberge quality as it comes. Anytime someone makes a claim that their item is something that could be worth a pretty good chunk of change, they quickly begin to doubt its validity. The show, Pawn Stars, began something that the show's creators were not expecting. The owner acquired this piece of gold after cleaning his attic and noticing something that was probably worth a good amount of cash. After hearing that the meltdown value of it was $24,000, negotiations began to discuss buying it. The show is full of other hilarious moments between the Harrison boys but what really makes the show great is when someone walks in with an item that turns out to be worth $100,000, or maybe even more. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. As Pawn Stars continues to get bigger and bigger, each and every single year, so does Rick's bank account. It would later turn out to be worth $50,000. The serial number on the back of the guitar was the quickest way for them to identify it as the real deal because that specific guitar is actually a documented Jimi Hendrix played guitar. The seller of the coin ended up winning it in a card game and wanted $20,000 for it when he came into the building. I purchased this coin directly from the Gold and Silver Pawn shop in 2012. The 1922 High Relief Peace Dollar is one of the rarest coins in American history. TVGuide has every full episode so you can stay-up-to-date and watch your favorite show Pawn Stars anytime, anywhere. You just read about the time Rick purchased 200 pounds of Silver, but what about the time he ran into a seller looking to unload four one-kilogram gold bars, an item that looks like something from an action film? But when the appraiser came in, she was not expecting this result. The emblem of Poland, since the 1300s, was the white eagle depicted on this item. To understand this item, you need to have a better understanding of world history. 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